TBA auction arena top view – TBA auction arena 360VR by Leon Setaro

TBA auction arena – 360VR by 360vision.co.za




Stay on top of the action remotely as it unfolds with ongoing text and multimedia updates.

See the horses from every angle.. front/side/back x walking/trotting. The ultimate buyers’ reference before the sale.. and prized memories beyond.

You’ve identified your picks using the catalog, sure. Now it’s time to shortlist further by hands-on specimen assessment. But there’s more.. these horses will be galloping to expose their performance markers and give away valuable insights you won’t find in the book.

A PPA (predictive performance assessment) is a subjective visual and hands-on evaluation for attributes of performance ability or lack thereof. A horseman skilled in this area is known as having ‘the eye’ and is the most important link in the chain to success. Lack of talent can’t be cured!

Conformation is a measurement of ‘correctness’ where a horse is assessed against a standardized set of parameters. In racing, conformation leans toward a focus on bone alignment, angles and relative measurements to assess a horse’s likelihood of holding up to the rigors of racing.

Liaise with and engage service providers on behalf of clients ie. Vet checks, scoping/x-rays/ultrasound/bloods, Transport – anywhere in SA, Insurance; mortality & life saving surgery cover


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