Racehorse training & conditioning

Extensive research and 18 months active proprietary field trials to introduce, test and prove new scientific methods in the following areas (between 2010 and 2016) :

  • Wolff’s law (the effects of concussion on bone density) and the controlled application thereof
  • Processes of conditioning and the relationship between work, rest and nutrition
  • Training for speed and stamina using monitored progressive loading
  • Energy systems and the role of mitochondria and lactic acid in maximizing stamina/endurance
  • Foundation building for unraced horses
  • Rehabilitation and recovery from injury
  • Nutrient extraction efficiency and the processes of multi-gut digestion
  • Counteraction of the negative effects of commercial feed on gut health
  • The science of pre-race feeding and the 48 hour prep
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2016 August

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