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    Track record since purchase..
    last updated 30th Oct 2017

01. 2010 Apr. R120k Miss Diana  3x wins 23x places 49x starts. Retired

02. 2013 Nov.  R80k La Suerte De Matar  Winner 8x places 12x starts

03. 2014 Aug. R320k Noah From Goa  5x wins 6x places 11x starts incl Group 1 & 2 wins

04. 2014 Nov. R30k Caribbean Bay  7x wins 23x places 46x starts incl. NBT feature placed

05. 2015 Aug. R35k Lebeoana  8x wins 7x places 26x starts – RA Northern Cape horse of the year

06. 2015 Nov. R20k Sabadell 1x place 5x starts. Retired

07. 2015 Nov. R10k Toonani  Winner 2x places 7x starts

08. 2015 Nov. R30k Samogan  Winner 4x places 18x starts incl. NBT feature placed Retired

09. 2015 Dec. R50k Destined for Dawn  Winner 9x places 20x starts. Deceased

10. 2016 Mar. R50k Let’s Go West  2x wins 6x places 16x starts

11. 2016 July R80k Northern Rebel  Winner 5x places 6x starts incl. NBT feature placed

12. 2016 July R90k Bold Emblem  Still unraced

13. 2016 Aug. R60k Ichkeria  Winner 2x places 13x starts

14. 2017 Feb. R17k Mogokity  Winner from 2x starts

15. 2017 Feb. R5k Lady Defender  3x places 9x starts

16. 2017 Jul. R50k Ballyreen  Still unraced