Imaging services



Filming, editing & post-production

  • Trackwork
  • Showcase profiling
  • Interviews, podcasts, biographies, advertorials etc.
  • Live streaming in virtual reality

View examples below..

Filming, editing & production
Click on the icon top left corner of video screen for pull down menu of all 5x angles front/back/side walking/trotting
  • Equine showcases & profiling
  • Estate & interior wide-angle panos
  • Virtual Reality photo-spheres
  • Google Virtual Tours
Whip out the virtual reality headset.. or use your touch screen/mouse/arrows keys for navigation on any flat screen device. 

TBA complex – 360 Virtual Tour 3/11/18

fullscreen_20px – full screen
motion_on – control via motion sensors (mobile devices)
This is the default setting – move your device to control the sphere
motion_off – control via touch-screen
control the sphere via touch screen
compass – compass
zoom-in – zoom in
zoom-out – zoom out

TBA auction arena – 360VR imaging by

TBA museum 3/11/18